January 2017-April 2017

 Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations for Cur8able- Creating Adaptable, Smart, and Fashionable Designs for Individuals with Disabilities- Company Launch

October 2016

Visual and Floral Stylist for Mikimoto- collaborated with BlackBook Media Productions and Mikimoto.

May-July 2016

Freelance Floral accounts for

East pole, East Fields, and Renassaince Hotels NYC

Feb- March 2016

Creative Business House

Freelance First Blind Runway Show

January- April 2015
Freelance Creative Director Konstantinos Floral Design

  • Production Manager

  • Installation

  • Florist

  • Creative Director

  • logo branding

Visual Merchandiser for New York Vintage Trade Show

  • installation and setup of private vignette

  • Floral designer

NYFW Production Manager for KALLMEYER AW15

  • Collaborate with


  • book 8-16 models

  • style and dress

Visual/Floral Stylist for American Christmas INC.

  • Create holiday windows across the East Coast clients include:

    • Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macys, Harry Winston, Cartier, Radio City Music Hall
      Visual Artistry, electrics, logistics, creative design, installations, production, breakdown

May 2009-June 2014

Housing Works

Manager, Visuals, Event Set Up for largest HIV/AIDS Non-Profit in the Country- Worked hand in hand with Housing Works Clients.

Attended Health Care trainings and professional developments on scientific research on HIV/AIDS

Aided in raising over 7 million dollars through benefits, events, and store promotions.                      
Floral design for Absolut Vodka

International Commercial Stylist Cover and Editorial Spread

         Muse Model Management

Commercial Stylist/ Photo Shoot/Fall Editorial Spread

Commercial Stylist/ Photo Shoot/Editorial Spread/Live and Still Shooting

Wardrobe Stylist NY/FW 2014
•Lead stylist for 36 looks: on the spot sewing skills
•Manage 11 dressers

                              January 2014
Prop/Food Stylist for Garden & Gun Magazine
•Cover and Editorial Spread
•Collaborate with Erin Swift
•Soup to Nuts Production Company

                                November 2013
Wardrobe Stylist for Jankele Accessories Launch
•Cast and style 10 model/dancers head to toe looks
•Custom make shoes and skirts for look
                               October 2013
Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist for YouTube Music Awards
•Contracted by Google, YouTube, VICE and Sunset Lane Entertainment
•Clients include: Jason Schwartzman, Spike Jonze, Reggie Watts, Eminem, M.I.A, Lindsey Stirling, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, Avicci, CDZA, and OKGO
•Creatively style complete looks/ Costume Design for all musicians, Host, and Co Host as well as their backup dancers and crew for performance.
•Create artistic looks for each celebrities music videos -internationally aired.
•Collaborated with several PR teams, vendors, Google, VICE, production design, visual, and sound companies as well as technical crew.
•Work out of Steiner Studios and Pier 36 (Basketball City)

                                September 2013
Celebrity Stylist for Television Appearance
• Contracted client for Arsenio Hall television appearance-air date October 1, 2013
•Working relationships with severalPR/Marketing teams- Giorgio Armani and Theory

 Celebrity Stylist for Red Carpet

•Contract clients for several movie premieres in L.A.
•Style for first premiere of "Supremacy" Sept. 25,2013
•Collaborate with Paramount Pictures
                           July/August/September 2013
Celebrity Stylist for Bentley Motors Commercial
•Top of Food Chain Production Ent.
•Styled several Actors/Models simultaneously for Bentley's only commercial of the year
• Full Collaboration with Bentley Motors
• Working relationships with several designers and brands for commercial look
                                  June 2013
Visual Styling for Veridian Gallery
                                   March 2013
Styled Photographer Alix Kilvin

•Created personal portfolio and look book

                                    Feb 2013

•Styled multiple looks for upcoming music video for Lauren Diamond Productions

                                   Dec 2012
AssistedBrenton Wolf Design to present

•Visual Styling for screening of Les Miserables
•Visual Styling for Times Square Renaissance Hotel New Years party

                                   Sept 2012
Production Design with New York Fashion Carmel Production Team for:

•Kara Laricks
•Siki IM
•Ivana Helsinki
•Parke & Ronen
•Zero M Carnejo
•H. Consommatus
•R. Secco

                                          Feb 2012
Production Design with New York Fashion Carmel Production Team for:

•Tanya Taylor
•Geoffrey Mac
•Michael Bastian
•Ricardo Seco
•Gen Art

                                          Oct 2011
Runway styling for Housing Works:

• Positively Sexy Fashion Show
                                         Sept 2011
Production Design with New York Fashion Carmel Production Team for:

•Jason Troisi
•Catherine Malandrino
•Harpers Bazaar
•Parke & Ronen
•Marion Gobel
•Michael Bastian
•Karen Walker
•R. Santana

                                        Feb 2011
Production Design with New York Fashion Carmel Production Team for:

•Victor De Souza
•Karen Walker
•Robert Geller
•Isaac Mizrahi
•Carlos Campos
•Jad Ghandour

                                        Sept 2010
Production Design with New York Fashion Carmel Production Team for:

• Boudoire D'Huitres
•Diego Binetti
•Michael Bastian
•Elise Overland
•Robert Geller
•General Idea



 Robin Walters


What separates me

from everyone else is

  I have the ability to work with a

diverse clientele by using my artistic eye

and creative style.

I have an open mind and an open heart.

I pay a great deal of attention to

the individual's needs and wants,

therefore creating a new dynamic look

for each client.